Water Recovery & Recycling Leading The Way To A More Sustainable Future

At Washstation Trade, we take pride in leading the way in sustainable laundry practices. We are firmly committed to reducing our environmental footprint and championing a more eco-friendly future. One of the key ways we achieve this is through our dedication to water recovery and recycling.

Save more Water With washstation

Water is a precious resource, and we recognise the vital role it plays in maintaining a balanced ecosystem. That’s why we have partnered with Domus, a leading provider of innovative laundry solutions, to implement cutting-edge technologies that significantly reduce water consumption in our machines.

Innovative Water Recovery Tanks

Our ECOTANK water recovery tanks are designed to optimise the washing process, ensuring enhanced efficiency and sustainability.

By implementing these tanks into your laundry facilities, businesses can save up to 70% of their annual water consumption, making a substantial impact on preserving water resources.

Our tanks are engineered with the latest technology to enable the recycling and reuse of water. The integration of water recovery tanks into our machines allows for a closed-loop system, where water is efficiently collected, filtered, and reused without compromising the quality of the washing process. This not only saves water but also reduces the overall environmental footprint of laundry operations.

The ECOTANK water recovery tanks are perfectly compatible with our washing machines featuring the advanced TOUCH II microprocessor. This connectivity makes it effortless to monitor and control the water recovery process, ensuring optimal efficiency and performance.

Sustainability of Washstation Trade

Efficiency is intelligence


Leveraging advanced technology for significant water conservation, our machines redefine sustainable laundry practices.


Our intelligent system ensures precise chemical usage for an environmentally friendly and efficient clean.


With high-performing energy-saving mechanisms, our machines make every kilowatt count towards a more sustainable future.

Boost Efficiency With Our Centralised Water Recovery System

Take your water recovery and recycling efforts to the next level with ECOTANK XL, the ultimate solution for industrial laundries with large capacity washers. With a centralised system consisting of 1 to 3 tanks, each capable of holding 1,000 litres of water, ECOTANK XL is the perfect choice for businesses looking to optimise their water usage without compromising performance.

Unparalleled Energy and Water Savings

By implementing ECOTANK XL, businesses can achieve remarkable energy and water savings. This innovative system enables up to 40% energy savings, making a significant impact on reducing overall utility costs. With the capability to recover up to 68% of water, ECOTANK XL ensures that valuable resources are conserved and maximised.

Choose Washstation Trade For Eco-Friendly Laundry Solutions

At Washstation Trade, we are dedicated to providing green and efficient laundry solutions that align with your sustainability goals. By partnering with us, you can experience the multitude of benefits that come with prioritising eco-friendly practices.

We have established ourselves as industry leaders in providing high-quality laundry equipment and services that prioritise the environment. With our exclusive partnership with Domus, we offer cutting-edge technology designed to save water and energy, such as our water recovery and recycling systems.


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