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Our exclusive partnership with DOMUS underpins our commitment to a greener, more sustainable future. We utilise cutting-edge, energy-efficient laundry equipment, reflecting our commitment to minimal consumption and increased energy savings.


At Washstation, we know how important efficiency is and we are strongly committed to the environment. That is why we stock a state-of-the art product range with low consumption and high energy savings for their entire life span.

As the leading provider of commercial and industrial laundry equipment, we’re committed to elevating our sustainability measures in every aspect of our business . 

Saving Water with Innovative Laundry Solutions

We understand the vital role of water, not only within our industry but also in maintaining a balanced  ecosystem.

That’s why we’ve partnered with DOMUS to promote the use of technology that significantly reduces water consumption. Our exclusive distribution of DOMUS products enables us to provide our customers with cutting-edge laundry equipment designed explicitly for water efficiency. By integrating intelligent features such as water recovery tanks and precise load weighing systems, we’ve substantially diminished water consumption in our machines, propelling us towards a more sustainable future.

Precision and Efficiency in Chemical Utilisation

Another critical aspect of our commitment to sustainability is our focus on efficient chemical usage. Our machine design incorporates features that guarantee the accurate dispensing of cleaning chemicals, minimising waste and reducing the environmental footprint. This meticulous chemical control not only benefits the environment but also prolongs garment lifespan, further enhancing the efficiency of our products.

Elevating Green Standards with EcoEnergy Dryers

As part of our sustainability goal, we proudly offer the EcoEnergy range of dryers. These dryers are designed with energy-saving features that redefine the concept of efficient drying, including ‘Air Re-cycle’, which harnesses hot, almost dry air to reduce drying times and energy drain.

The ‘Efficient Dry’ further optimises energy usage by intelligently adjusting the drum’s spinning speed according to the moisture level, preventing over-drying, and ensuring saved energy. With Washstation Trade, you get more than just a laundry solution – you join a green revolution.

Hotel washing equipment

Efficiency is intelligence


Leveraging advanced technology for significant water conservation, our machines redefine sustainable laundry practices.


Our intelligent system ensures precise chemical usage for an environmentally friendly and efficient clean.


With high-performing energy-saving mechanisms, our machines make every kilowatt count towards a more sustainable future.

Forging Ahead With Sustainable Partnerships and Accreditations

At Washstation, sustainability isn’t a a mere buzzword; it’s a fundamental aspect of our business. This is reflected in our partnership with The Class Foundation, where we actively participate in developing environmentally-sustainable community services. 

Having such strong alliances with an array of businesses and institutions across various sectors means we’re able deliver unmatched, eco-friendly services with a sustainability guarantee.

For instance, our ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems Certification confirms our pledge to curbing our environmental impact while delivering top-tier laundry solutions. The WRAS endorsement on all our machinery further aligns us with stringent water regulations and conservation initiatives. Our recognition as an accredited SafeContractor seamlessly merges our principled business practices with our sustainability objectives, establishing a virtuous cycle that benefits all stakeholders.

The Green Laundry Partner Your Business Deserves

As your partner, we invite you to join forces with us in our green initiative. 

Not only will your business reap the benefits of operational efficiency and cost savings, but together, we’ll be contributing positively to our environment too. Witness the transformative power of green intelligence and how it can enable efficiency on a large scale. As we forge ahead to a sustainable future, join us to showcase to the world that eco-friendly business is not only possible but also commercially viable and beneficial.

Sustainability of Washstation Trade


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