We understand the vital role hygiene plays within veterinary clinics. That’s why we provide advanced laundry solutions that cater to your sector’s unique demands for reliability and cleanliness.

Our bespoke range of washers and dryers is crafted for the rigours of veterinary care, combining cutting-edge technology with eco-friendly operation.


Advanced Washing Solutions for Veterinary Care

Washstation Trade offers a range of washer-extractors that are a perfect fit for the daily demands of veterinary clinics. Our machines are capable of handling anything from everyday clinic linens to heavy-duty animal blankets and are built with durability and efficiency in mind.

The integration of the TOUCH II microprocessor in our machines allows for customisable washing cycles to cater to the diverse needs of veterinary textiles.

What’s more, our barrier washers have been engineered to separate clean and dirty textiles, making it easy to maintain your hygiene standards.

Laundry solutions for veterinary practices
Tumble dryers for veterinary practices

Durable and Hygienic Tumble Dryers

In the busy environment of a veterinary practice, the demand for quick turnaround of clean and dry linens can seem never-ending.

Fortunately, our tumble dryers are designed to meet this demand. They have been tested and proven to be robust to withstand ongoing use while delivering hygienic results after each cycle.

Our machines also come equipped with top-of-the-line features, including reverse tumbling technology, which facilitates even drying, reduces wrinkles, and prevents tangling – a common concern for bulky veterinary bedding and drapes.
Our dryers are also designed to be user-friendly and reliable to seamlessly fit into your practice’s daily routine. And because you can choose from machines with different load capacities, you’re sure to find a dryer that takes care of all your needs.

The Power of Ozone in Veterinary Hygiene

We are proud to introduce our ozone cabinet solutions that provide non-washable items such as grooming tools and protective gear with an extra level of sanitation.

These cabinets utilise the natural cleaning power of ozone, which is adept at eliminating bacteria, viruses, and odours, making them an indispensable asset for practices focused on maintaining exceptional hygiene standards.

Outfitted with cutting-edge technology, the cabinets are designed to operate effectively and safely, providing you with an additional tool that supports a rigorous cleaning regimen.

This innovative approach underlines our commitment to helping veterinary practices uphold the meticulous hygiene standards they are known for.


Laundry Equipment for daily challenges in veterinary clinics

Robust Equipment for Daily Challenges

Veterinary environments require equipment that can stand up to the daily grind. That’s why our washers and dryers are constructed to handle heavy-duty demands, ensuring your daily operation never misses a beat.

The durability of our machinery translates into long-term reliability for your practice, providing both peace of mind and a return on investment. The resilience of our equipment is matched only by its prowess in thorough cleaning, which is essential in veterinary care.

Eco friendly and efficient laundry equipment for veterinary practices

Economical and Eco-Conscious Laundry Options

Navigating the balance between powerful cleaning and environmental responsibility is a challenge that we rise to meet. Our laundry equipment boasts low energy and water consumption features without compromising on performance.

This commitment to eco-friendly solutions aligns with the growing demand for sustainable business practices, reducing your practice’s carbon footprint while keeping operational costs in check.

Smart Technology for Smart Veterinary Practices

In an age of digital innovation, we integrate smart technology into every aspect of our laundry solutions.

Our machines come equipped with remote monitoring capabilities and user-friendly interfaces, making laundry management straightforward and efficient. Customisable programs, tailored to your specific veterinary laundry needs, provide additional flexibility.

Join the Washstation Trade Family

Elevating hygiene standards while championing sustainability is our goal at Washstation Trade. We invite veterinary practices to consider the long-term benefits and superior quality our laundry solutions deliver.

For enhanced animal care, workflow efficiency, and environmental considerations, partner with a commercial laundry equipment company with years of experience. Contact us today to find out how we can help you make a worthy investment for your practice’s future.

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