Hospital laundry equipment to maximise hygiene in your facility

One of the most important sources of infection in hospitals, clinics and care homes is clothing. A poor process of washing garments can cause numerous points of infection since they are always in contact with the patient or resident. At Washstation Trade, we understand the importance of infection control, and we can recommend the best laundry equipment for hospitals and the healthcare industry.

State-of-the-art laundry equipment for hospitals and the healthcare industry

Hospital Laundry Services That Prioritise Hygiene and Efficiency

At Washstation Trade, we know that hospital laundry requires comprehensive solutions and as the leading laundry equipment supplier and exclusive distributor of DOMUS Laundry Equipment, we can boost your hospital laundry service by offering solutions that hold sanitisation and hygiene as a top priority. All our specialist machinery features an ergonomic design, including a Touch II microprocessor and remote connectivity to increase production rates.

Whether you’re looking for washing machines, commercial and/or industrial tumble driers, sanitisation cabinets or finishing equipment such as flatwork irons, we’ve got you covered from start to finish.

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When choosing hospital laundry equipment, it is important to note the different models and load capacities available to best optimise your workload.

Barrier Washers

With maximum capacities of 120kg per load and sanitised in accordance with healthcare rules and regulations, our powerful range of front and sanitary barrier washers are perfectly suited to the specific washing processes of hospitals and healthcare facilities. Our barrier washers are installed between two separate areas to avoid contact between infectious and clean linen and to avoid recontamination.

Heavy Professional Dryers

Designed to be robust and with an extra-long lifespan, our heavy professional dryers are suitable for loads of up to 80kg. Our models include a 7” touchscreen accompanied by TOUCH II, a user-friendly and programmable microprocessor. For ease of access, our tumble dryers also include large door diameters and fluff filters to provide you with the most convenient laundry solution.

Ozone Cabinets

The ECO3 cabinet series are designed to treat and disinfect hospital linens by using ozone, a colourless or pale blue gas, which is used in many industrial applications. The ECO3 cabinet is the perfect solution for your healthcare facility, as it acts as a bactericide whilst also disinfecting and deodorising all types of garments and materials. The use of ozone is highly effective in killing up to 99.8% of bacteria, fungi, and mould, and inactivating viruses that have been transferred on surfaces or suspended in the air.

Finishing Equipment

At Washstation Trade, we’re able to provide the most efficient solutions to optimise your laundry process, which concludes with finishing equipment such as our wide range of flatwork irons and roller irons. Utilising a device to dry, iron and fold linen not only saves time but also increases productivity in your laundry department. Our compact flatwork irons are ideal for the healthcare sector as they are designed to last and withstand large loads. With a daily process capability of up to 9 tons, this laundry solution has a high production volume in reduced spaces and with minimal staff requirements.

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Washstation Trade Domus Connect software running on laptop