Industrial Laundry and Cleanroom Equipment That Sets New Hygiene Standards

At Washstation Trade, we’ve been a trusted provider of cutting-edge machinery and comprehensive solutions for industrial laundry and cleanroom operations since 2010.

We are committed to delivering top-quality and efficient machines that guarantee maximum productivity and cleanliness in your cleanroom facility. Whether you require advanced washing, drying, or sterilization equipment, we have the expertise to meet your needs. 

Industrial Laundry and Cleanroom Equipment: Setting Unmatched Hygiene Standards

What Is a Cleanroom?

A cleanroom is a meticulously controlled environment, designed to minimise airborne particles, dust, and contaminants in order to maintain a sterile working environment. This specialised setting is of utmost importance in industries that demand stringent cleanliness standards, such as agri-food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and nuclear sectors, as well as hospitals and medical research facilities.

Cleanroom Laundry Facilities

High-quality laundry equipment is required in an industrial cleanroom to facilitate the cleaning of specialised garments and materials used within the cleanroom itself. Cleanrooms often utilise garments, such as hazardous materials suits, gloves, and other personal protective clothing (PPE), to minimise the introduction of contaminants by personnel. These garments need to be regularly cleaned and sterilised to maintain their effectiveness and ensure the integrity of the cleanroom environment.

Hotel washing equipment

Cleanroom Washing Machines

We specialise in providing and installing industrial laundry equipment for cleanrooms and take great pride in our sanitary barrier washers [ASM 16-22 and DHB 27-70], which are manufactured by DOMUS. These advanced washing machines are meticulously engineered to prevent cross-contamination and deliver superior washing and disinfection results.

Our washers also come equipped with a range of features, including HEPA filtration, durable stainless-steel components, and an electropolished drum. Additionally, depending on your requirements, our washers offer various load capacities to cater to the specific needs of your cleanroom.

Cleanroom Dryers

Our industrial dryers have also been specifically engineered to prioritise sanitisation and efficiency. Available in a wide range of capacities, from 11 to 80 kg, our dryers come equipped with cutting-edge features, including HEPA air filters, side fluff filters, and high-quality stainless steel drums (AISI 304, 316, 316L) that are electropolished for optimal performance. Additionally, our dryers feature moisture sensors and temperature probes, enabling precise control over the drying process. These advanced features allow us to provide tailored solutions that meet the specific requirements of your cleanroom, ensuring a consistently sterile environment.

Industrial Laundry Solutions

At Washstation, we are committed to providing cleaning solutions that are eco-friendly, energy-efficient, and cost-effective. Our machines are designed for high productivity and low maintenance, incorporating the advanced features of DOMUS Ecovolution. With a focus on energy savings and cutting-edge technology, our solutions deliver efficient cleaning, superior productivity, and excellent drying quality. By reducing environmental impact and minimising running costs, we prioritise sustainability without compromising hygiene standards.

Have You Considered Using Ozone?

Ozone cabinets present a range of compelling benefits when it comes to cleanroom environments. These specialised cabinets harness the power of ozone gas, an exceptional oxidising agent, to deliver thorough sanitisation and decontamination for a variety of items used within cleanrooms. 

Unlike traditional cleaning methods, ozone cabinets do not leave residue or require harsh chemicals, maintaining the integrity of sensitive processes. The cabinets can accommodate different cleanroom items and provide automated simultaneous cleaning, saving time and costs. Additionally, ozone gas naturally breaks down into oxygen, making ozone cabinets an eco-friendly sterilisation option.

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