keep your residents safe with care home laundry equipment

Since 2010, Washstation Trade has offered commercial and industrial laundry machinery and solutions to guarantee maximum hygiene in residential care homes and nursing homes.

laundry Solutions and equipment designed to ensure maximum hygiene in your healthcare facility

The Perfect Solution for Laundries in Residential Care Homes, Clinics and Hospitals

At Washstation Trade, we have been supplying advanced solutions and state-of-the-art laundry equipment for hospitals, clinics and residential care homes.

Our products are specially designed to meet the needs of our valued customers and have also been manufactured with great respect for the environment, achieving a high level of energy efficiency and savings in water and detergent consumption never seen before. With a fantastic selection of commercial and industrial laundry equipment available, we guarantee to supply the perfect machines for your business.

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Front-loading Washer-extractors and Barrier Washers for the Healthcare Sector

At Washstation Trade, we supply a variety of washing machines for industrial and sanitary barrier laundries, with different models and capacities to allow you to adapt to the size and volume of work required.

Our commercial washers are purpose-built for a fast-paced environment and all machines feature a Touch II microprocessor and remote connectivity. They have also been specifically designed and manufactured with great respect for the environment at all times, achieving a high level of energy efficiency and savings in water and detergent consumption.

Tumble Dryers With High Performance and Maximum Efficiency

As the leading commercial laundry equipment supplier, we provide state-of-the-art machinery that is highly efficient, eco-friendly, and designed to handle constant loads.

Our tumble dryers are extremely versatile with a wide range of innovative features, including a user-friendly touch II microprocessor which can display instruction videos and a reverse drum which makes the drying process more efficient and helps to prevent the tangling of the big pieces.

The Perfect Solution for Drying, Ironing and Folding Flatwork Linens

Once you have selected the right washer and dryer for your premises, it is time to choose finishing equipment that will suit your specific requirements – choosing the right finishing equipment will enable you to produce fantastic results in a more timely manner.

Naturally, we have a wide range of finishing equipment for residential care homes, including purpose-built roller irons, dryer irons, folding tables, presses and more!

Ozone as a Solution to Sanitise and Deodorise All Your Garments

Whilst washers and dryers will play a vital role in the sanitising process, there is also the option of including an ozone cabinet in your laundry setup.

Ozone cabinets are designed to deodorise and sanitise an array of different items including clothing, towels, bedding and health care equipment. The cabinets produce ozone, a powerful oxidant which can kill up to 99.8% of bacteria and viruses, making them a welcome addition to any care home laundry.


  • User friendly and totally programmable microprocessor with 7″ touch screen and a multitude of preset progams.
  • Video display ideal for advertising and instructions.
  • Available in 37 languages and easy to configure.

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