Heavy Duty Washing Machines

The DOMUS heavy professional range of washers and dryers offer best-in-class ecology and cost efficiency through their advanced design and technology.

Combined with a huge variety of accessories and options, their versatility means that they will satisfy the laundry needs of many sectors.

Versatile laundry Solutions

Equipped with a range of accessories and customisation options, our high and low-spin washers offer an advanced design and technology.

Versatile & Suitable For Any Business

Can be used as on-premise laundry (OPL) or Coin.

The heat source can be configured to either electric or hot water.

Our standard model is easily transformable to either a pump or drain valve with easy access and service.

All units are easily stackable with a dryer on top.

Heavy professional washers


Heavy professional washers

Increased Energy Savings

– Efficient drum design reduces energy for heating and mechanical action.

– Accuracy of the temperature sensor makes for increased precision mixing of hot and cold water.

– High G factor spin.

Heavy professional washers

Increased Water Savings

– Automatic adjustment of water and soap consumptions based on load.

– Cascade water system reduces water consumption, cycle times & increases effectiveness of mechanical action.

– WRAS approved laundry equipment.

Heavy professional washers

Reduced Drying Times

– Optimised airflow integral to design

– Intelligent humidity control

– Air recycling

– Axial radial flow

– Thermal insulations

Heavy professional washers

Built For Life

– Robust construction – major components in stainless steel.

– The imbalance system prevents undue wear on components.

– Multiple adaption options mean one machine can have many purposes


Heavy professional washers

CO2 Savings

– Remote asset management makes for fewer servicing miles

– Better build quality makes for fewer intervention miles

Heavy professional washers

EcoTank Options

– Revolutionary recycling available as 1,2,3 tank bolt-ons, saving up to 70% on water, chemicals, and energy