Ozone cabinets 

The ECO3 cabinet series are specifically designed to deodorise and sanitise all kinds of clothes, accessories and materials by using ozone (03).

Suitable For A Range Of Sectors

Laundrettes, hotels and B&Bs, theatres and performing arts, firefighters and rescue teams, healthcare facilities, gyms and sports facilities – no matter the sector, ozone cabinets offer remarkable benefits.

Ensure Maximum Hygiene In Your Facility

Revolutionise how you sanitise and deodorise clothes and accessories with Ozone Cabinets from Washstation Trade. Say goodbye to stubborn odours and harmful germs as you embrace a natural, effective solution for maximum hygiene. Our ozone cabinets utilise the power of ozone (O3) to sanitise and refresh garments, accessories, and other hard-to-clean materials, making them the perfect choice for various sectors.

What is Ozone?

Ozone is colourless or pale blue gas with many industrial applications. Its two main functions are microbicidal and deodorising, making it the perfect solution to sanitise and refresh garments and other heavy-use items simultaneously.


Ozone has proven to be highly effective in killing bacteria, fungi, and mould and inactivating viruses on surfaces and in the air..
Ozone is particularly effective at inactivating viruses, making it the perfect solution for eliminating COVID-19.


Ozone eliminates foul odours such as tobacco, fire smoke, urine, pet odours, cooking odours, mould, paint, sweat, and more. It is the perfect solution for suit jackets after a long day in the office, helmets or other heavy use items, and the Eco3 Single has been designed with both hanging space and shelves to accommodate the deodorisation of garments and other items simultaneously.

Hotel washing equipment


Why not enhance your self-service laundry facilities with ozone sanitisation?


Enhance your guest’s experience with sanitised linens, towels, and garments.


Sanitise and deodorise theatre costumes and heavy-use props using our ozone cabinets.


Safeguard those who work hard to protect us by sanitising protective clothing and equipment.


Improve infection control by sanitising heavy-use medical garments, bedding, and any other textiles.


Create a hygienic environment by eliminating odour-causing bacteria from sport equipment.

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Contact us now to learn more about our ozone cabinets and explore the options available to your business, or check out our recent blog [Ozone Cabinets – The Best Alternative To Dry Cleaning] to learn more about this innovative laundry solution. Take the first step towards maximising hygiene by reaching out to our team today.

How do Ozone Cabinets work?

Ozone cabinets operate through a simple and efficient step-by-step process:

Garment and accessory placement: Begin by carefully arranging the items within the cabinet, ensuring optimal ozone circulation for maximum effectiveness.

Ozone generation inside the cabinet: Once the cabinet is securely closed and locked, our state-of-the-art Corona System initiates the natural and efficient production of ozone.

Precise ozone concentration control: Tailor the sanitisation process to suit your specific needs. Our programmable settings allow you to customise the duration and intensity of ozone exposure, targeting bacteria, viruses, and unpleasant odours, all while preserving the integrity of your garments and textiles.

Safe ozone elimination and retrieval: Following the appropriate ozone exposure time, the cabinet eliminates ozone levels to ensure user safety. Unlock the door with confidence, retrieve your sanitised garments and accessories, and revel in their refreshed cleanliness.

    Why Choose Ozone Cabinets?

    The Power of Ozone – Our ozone cabinets offer exceptional sanitisation and deodorisation results. Ozone acts as a bactericide and disinfectant, eliminating harmful bacteria, fungi, and even inactivating viruses on surfaces and in the air. Say goodbye to odours that traditional methods can’t tackle, as ozone eliminates them at their source for long-lasting freshness.

    Natural and Chemical-Free – Embrace a chemical-free and eco-friendly solution with ozone sanitisation. Our ozone cabinets harness the power of ozone gas without the need for harsh chemicals or artificial fragrances, delivering a safe and natural sanitisation process.

    Versatility and Accessibility – The versatility and accessibility of ozone cabinets truly set them apart as the ultimate sanitisation solution. These remarkable cabinets cater to a wide range of garments and materials. From helmets to jumpsuits, jackets to boots, and even delicate fabrics that cannot withstand traditional washing methods, ozone cabinets can effectively sanitise them all. Not just limited to clothing, they also provide a solution for sanitising toys, bags, bedding, pet clothing, and more.

    User-Friendly Features – Ozone cabinets are designed with user convenience at the forefront. Featuring programmable settings, these cabinets allow you to customise ozone concentration and duration based on your specific needs. With intuitive LED indicators, you’ll always have clear visibility of the cycle status, making it simple and hassle-free to utilise ozone cabinets, even for those new to this revolutionary technology.¬†

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