Heavy duty Tumble dryers for businesses

Whether you require a stackable professional tumble dryer to accommodate students or an industrial-grade dryer for hospital facilities, we have the perfect solution for your commercial or industrial enterprise.

Stay connected with the internet of things

All our dryers with TOUCH II come equipped with Domus Connect as standard, so you can have remote access to all the machine’s data, analyse your equipment and have complete control of your business.

Experience a boost in productivity by investing in our cutting-edge tumble dryers, tailored to meet the diverse demands of various business sectors.

Introducing our heavy professional dryers, the ultimate solution for businesses seeking high-performance drying. These robust machines are available in single or double-drum models, designed to reduce drying time to 45 minutes. Equipped with industrial-strength fans, our professional dryers ensure exceptional drying quality and increased productivity.

Our commercial dryers s are designed for fast and efficient drying, with advanced control systems, cutting-edge technology, and a durable design. With the largest door diameters in the market, accessibility is effortless. Maintenance is also hassle-free with a giant fluff drawer and stainless steel grills. Furthermore, we offer heavy dutyheat pump tumble dryers for enhanced energy efficiency.

In need of drying equipment for cleanroom environments? Look no further than our range of industrial tumble dryers. Our industrial dryers feature advanced specifications to suit sterile environments, including a HEPA air filter, large stainless steel fluff filter, and stainless steel drum. Plus, they’re environmentally friendly, approved by EC, and consume low energy. 

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Intelligent Range of Tumble Dryers

Meticulously engineered to offer unmatched usability, convenience, and efficiency, our cutting-edge dryers are tailored to meet the demands of industrial and commercial enterprises. Here are some standout features that make our Domus tumble dryers a worthwhile investment:

Remote Communication: Maintain control over your drying operations using our cutting-edge DOMUS Connect system. With this innovative solution, you can monitor your dryer from anywhere and access comprehensive reports on machine errors, reliable data, and invaluable statistics, enabling you to optimise your laundry processes effectively.

Touch Screen Microprocessor: Experience effortless setting changes with the advanced touch screen microprocessor incorporated in all our premium tumble dryers. The cutting-edge 7″ Touch II screen provides a highly intuitive and user-friendly interface and is available in 37 languages to cater to operators from diverse backgrounds.

Multiple Payment Systems: Our range of heavy-duty professional and industrial dryers seamlessly integrates advanced coin/token payment systems, allowing for convenient transactions. Additionally, users can utilise the DOMUS LAUNDRY payment app or connect the dryers to a centralised payment system for enhanced efficiency.

USB Connection: Our heavy duty tumble dryers feature a state-of-the-art USB connection, enabling seamless programming, comprehensive data analysis, and meticulous traceability. 

Sustainability is one of our main priorities

Domus machines are renowned for their groundbreaking features, and our tumble dryers are no different. Each tumble dryer boasts innovative technology that significantly reduces drying times, leading to substantial energy savings. 


We shorten drying times and reduce energy consumption by Taking advantage of the hot, almost dry air.


Smart moisture controls work hard to adapt the drum’s spinning speed to the moisture level in each drying phase.


Designed with the utmost consideration for heat conservation, our machines feature thermal insulation capabilities.


Enhance efficiency, expedite drying cycles, and reduce garment entanglement with reverse drum technology.


Enhanced axial-radial airflow optimization maximises drying efficiency through even air distribution.

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