How to Start a Commercial Laundry Business?

If you’re planning on starting a commercial laundry business, you may already know that the global market for commercial laundry machinery was estimated at £3.1 Billion in 2021. In fact, according to the Global Commercial Laundry Machinery Market Report (2022), this value is projected to increase to around £4.4 Billion by 2026; which makes starting a laundry business a great option for budding entrepreneurs.

But what does it take to get your new business off the ground and where can you source high-quality laundry equipment? We’ll get to that shortly but first, let’s take a look at the different types of laundry services available in the United Kingdom.

Types of Laundry Service:

There are several different types of laundry services, with varying rates and startup costs, including:

  • Laundromats: A laundromat typically falls into two categories: a) a full-service, fully staffed store and b) an unattended, self-service store. The latter category offers customers the opportunity to use the washing machines and dryers autonomously and pay via a range of methods, including cash, debit card and other electronic forms of payment (i.e. mobile, online etc.) A full-service store will require additional staffing costs since customers are served by fully trained staff.
  • Dry Cleaners: This is a specialised method of cleaning clothes without water, so as to avoid shrinkage. It should be noted that dry cleaning is typically more expensive than a traditional laundromat and as a result, it is mainly used for formal wear and more delicate garments. Whereas, wet cleaning is a fast-growing alternative to dry cleaning.

Wet cleaning is an efficient water washing system with 4 set stages:

  • Pre-stain removal
  • Washing
  • Drying
  • Finishing

During a wet clean cycle, water is used as a solvent to clean clothes without mechanical action and at lower temperatures. This makes it better for the environment and a more cost-effective method of washing delicate garments.

  • Wash & Fold: This refers to the basic act of dropping one’s clothes off to be cleaned by a professional laundry service. There are also variations of this service where the customers’ clothes are picked up and dropped off from their home address, in an effort to make the service more convenient.

Assuming you’ve done your market research and you now understand what a commercial laundry business entails, it’s time to explore the laundry equipment you’ll need to get started.

How to Start a Commercial Laundry Business?

Laundry Equipment for Business

To begin with, you’ll need to invest in some purpose-built commercial machinery. This is because standard domestic washers and dryers used in people’s homes are not designed or equipped for commercial usage.

Commercial Washing Machines for Laundry Business

Commercial washing machines are equipped to handle more rigorous use than domestic washers. At most, domestic washers can handle 8kg per load, far below the 10kg-128kg range of drum capacities available at Washstation Trade.

In order to save money on water and power, your machines should be as eco-friendly and efficient as possible. It’s important to keep energy usage in mind when choosing your commercial washing machine.

Domus presents a new range of commercial washers, with a wide variety of models to suit all types of market requests. The different models can suit the most varied needs, regarding efficiency and capacity. Plus, this new generation of washers combines the latest technology with the best quality components and materials. All machines come equipped with a high G factor, Touch II microprocessor, wide touch screen, USB connection and remote connectivity for high throughput, quicker drying times and easy management and monitoring.

Here are some key factors to consider when choosing a commercial washing machine:

  • Efficiency
  • Size
  • Operating Times
  • Programmes
  • Durability
  • Budget

It’s also important to give serious thought to your overall budget. So, if you have any further questions or need advice regarding laundry machinery, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team.

How to Start a Commercial Laundry Business?

Commercial Dryers

Similar to domestic washers, domestic tumble dryers simply are not built for commercial use. A commercial tumble dryer is far more durable and equipped for the needs of a thriving laundry business.

At Washstation Trade, customers are offered the highest quality laundry equipment. The new Domus dryers have in fact revolutionised the drying process, through optimal hot air flow and the reversing drum action, which channels the hot air through the whole extension of the load.

Domus machines are made with heavy, reliable parts and are also easy to service, which minimises maintenance costs. All dryers are fitted with the same TOUCH II technology as the aforementioned washers. The humidity control, thermal insulation and air re-cycling features allow for shorter drying times and less energy consumption, meaning you can save on energy without reducing quality.

If you’re considering opening a commercial laundrette, taking payment will also be a crucial part of your business. Making sure both your washers and dryers are easy to use at the payment stage should be a top priority. Our Domus range makes payment simple by accepting multiple forms of payment, including coins, tokens, cards and even online.

Washstation Trade Customisation Options

Once you have decided exactly what you need from your washers and dryers, you can take advantage of Washstation Trade’s unique customisation service. This allows you to tailor your machines directly from the factory to better suit your business needs.

How to Start a Commercial Laundry Business?

Finishing Equipment

If you are considering offering dry cleaning as well as a standard laundry service, it’s worth thinking about what finishing equipment you might need.

Roller irons, dryer irons and ironing boards will become crucial pieces of equipment for your business since efficient and effective washing services will be undone if the clothes are not correctly pressed and ironed. The finished result presented to customers needs to maintain the value added by your business and finishing products are an effective way to display this value.

Take a look at our wide range of finishing equipment to get a clearer idea of what you’ll need to start a successful dry cleaning business.

Mobile Laundry Service

If you’re thinking about starting a self-service laundry business but don’t yet have premises, Clean&Move is the ideal solution for you. Designed for laundry projects without premises, the Clean&Move service delivers fully customisable modules directly to your desired location, along with the machinery you require. The modules are designed to cater to your business requirements and are tailored to your specifications. We also provide the latest machinery, meaning you don’t need to invest thousands of pounds in updating equipment.

How to Start a Commercial Laundry Business?

How Much Does it Cost to Open a Launderette?

One of the most daunting things about starting a new business is the upfront cost and investment required. A detailed plan and budget are of course vital but what happens next?

Finance Options

At Washstation Trade, we offer competitive pricing and financing options and our customers are able to get an instant free estimate by visiting our finance page.

Fitting a business with the best equipment can be expensive and you should be confident that you’re buying the right products. This is why we advise speaking to experts in the laundry business to get the most informed advice.

Additional questions?

If you have any questions about the equipment your new business will require, we can answer them. You may feel like you have overlooked something or have concerns about the layout of your premises, we can help with this too. We can assist you through the whole process and ensure you are on the right track.

For more information about the services and products available give us a call on 01789 335880 or why not check out our latest blogs.