How To Choose The Right Laundry Equipment For Hotels & B&Bs

When choosing commercial laundry equipment for your hotel or B&B there are many different things to take into consideration. With so many different options on the market, you’ll need to spend time working out which equipment will best suit your business – It’s essential that your guests’ linen and towels are clean and fresh, but you also want to make sure that your equipment is working as efficiently as possible. 

Laundry equipment that can keep up with the pace

When it comes to running hotels and B&Bs, having quality laundry equipment that can handle the demand is crucial. It’s essential to keep your linen and towels fresh for guests, but you’ll also have an increased amount of washing to do if you have more staff and facilities available.

Deciding which machine to opt for will come down to how many rooms there are in the establishment and how many guests you need to cater for. Think about the restaurant, bar and pool areas: all of the laundry used in these areas will be put through your chosen equipment and that needs to be taken into consideration.

On a daily basis, larger hotels get through hundreds of loads of washing, and in order to complete this, they need equipment that can cope with such usage. A standard household washing machine will not be suitable for most hotels; so, you’ll need to invest in an industrial washing machine or something which has the capacity to handle this demand.

Laundry Equipment For Hotels

Energy-efficient washing machines

When it comes to the size of your machine, you’ll want to consider its energy efficiency and durability. Having a machine designed to perform 40,000 large washes in its lifetime is not energy efficient if you are a small B&B that only does a few cycles a week. Choosing the right machine will ensure the correct water consumption, meaning you won’t waste money on every wash.

It’s also important to keep in mind that you need to fill the washer for every cycle; under loading can cause unnecessary strain on the mechanics of the washer, not to mention it will waste water.  

Take a look through the manuals below to see which option will be right for the size of your establishment:

All of the above washing machines can be used in hotels, B&Bs, restaurants and other establishments. They are purpose build for businesses and are a lot more substantial than any household washer. However, there are still big differences between them. That’s why we suggest looking through our manuals to decipher what sized washer your establishment requires.

If you still have further questions or you’re not sure which machine to select, give us a call at +44 (0) 1789 335880 or email us at

Laundry Equipment For Hotels & B&Bs

The right dryer for your hotel

A tumble dryer is an essential piece of equipment for any hotel or B&B. Without one, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to meet the necessary turnaround times for the efficient running of the business. 

Choosing a tumble dryer is a very similar process to choosing a washing machine. A dryer should be capable of handling the right amount of washing to suit your establishment. It’s not worth having a huge piece of machinery for a small amount of washing. Keep in mind the energy efficiency and work out how many times the machine will be used over the days, weeks and years to come. 

You’ll also need to be aware of how much space these machines require, especially if you’re opting for a large industrial washing machine and/or dryer.

Stacked to save space

Since floor space is often limited, our machines are purpose-built to be stacked – When our range of dryers are stacked, the controls can be attached to the bottom for easy access.

Self-service and coin-operated machines

You might be considering a self-service laundry area in your hotel – Having a self-service laundry facility is something that guests will find extremely useful, and it can also act as another revenue stream for your business.

At Washstation Trade, we stock user-friendly Domus coin-operated machines and we even offer a mobile laundry service. This is a great option for hotels that are considering adding a self-service laundry facility to the establishment but are still unsure if it’s the right move. 

Laundry Equipment For Hotels & B&Bs

Work out your budget

While this seems like an obvious point to make, there are quite a few things that can impact your budget, from the drum size to programming options. The key thing to consider here is what is necessary for your hotel or B&B. 

Working out a clear budget will help you make the right decision and any money left over can be used elsewhere in the business. 

Payment plans

There are a variety of payment plans on offer for businesses looking at upgrading their machinery or investing in new laundry equipment. At Washstation Trade, we have pricing and financing options available to help businesses achieve their goals.


If you would like any more advice on the best laundry equipment for your establishment, contact us today. We have years of experience working in the hospitality sector and can offer impartial, honest advice.